Who brought these wonderful devices into existence?

The bundeZe is brought to you by a fun-loving group of people who believe that life is short and it's best to spend your time doing what you love, with people who you enjoy. We are an eccentric group, but we are serious about creating great products that are fun to use. We hope that this kickstarter is not only informative, but both amusing and fun. We hope you enjoy learning about BundeZe and our team! We are looking forward to bringing many great products to Kickstarter.  More can be found about each team member towards the end of this story.

How did we create these bundeZe?  What was the process?

We thought you'd never ask.   So, we've set the pictures of the process to warp speed video.  We then set out to find the most corny soundtrack music we could.  We are certain this will be the most mind numbing media ever created by man, for your enjoyment!

What are some cool features of bundeZe?

We designed a bundeZe so that it:

  • will float when dropped overboard
  • is lightweight
  • is durable in construction
  • is easily released with one hand, and is quick to use
  • is glove use compatible.
  • can bind a VERY large size range of products
  • is made with UV resistant materials to withstand direct sun exposure for long periods of time
  • can be rebuilt by the user should the shock cord become worn

How can you customize a bundeZe?

  • can be be tied and cut shorter if it is too long for your bundling needs.
  • can be made longer by combining bundeZe, or replacing the too short length of shock cord with a longer length that better fits the needs.
  • bundeZe components can be combined to create a number of custom specific solutions, e.g. nets or webs to accomplish larger goals and creative works of art.

How can we custom design a bundeZe for you or your company:

We can easily create a custom branded bundeZe for your use.   Please inquire if we can help you or your company with a great marketing tool like bundeZe!  We can change many facets of the looks of bundeZe and still maintain efficient manufacturing, and therefore costs!   Let us create a custom bundeZe for your use!

What else sets us apart from other solutions?

Quite simply put, a bundeZe is:

  • capable of riding along with the items that need to be bundled so you never have to go looking for it
  • a device that not only works in a scenario where you can slip it over the end of a cord, but is used in between ends
  • completely rebuildable in high use scenarios where the shock cord becomes worn.
  • when used in conjunction with the optional "IsThisLost" return item tagging service, lost items can find their way home!  
  • useful for labeling bundled material as the pull tab can receive a 0.75" sticker label, or can be written on directly
  • can easily be combined with passive (optical) tracking or active tracking (like Bringrr or other similar approaches)
  • easy to customize for new aesthetics for functions.
  • a great tool to make finding or retrieving things much easier...  like key rings hiding in deep purses and pockets.
  • able to be made as glow-in-the-dark.
  • just plain awesome!