Bundeze Instructions

There is a fine art to using the bundeZe.  Though there are many ways to apply the bundeZe, some ways are better than others.  Different challenges require different approaches.  Here are a few quick videos that show some proper uses of the product.   There are MANY more, but this will get you started on the path to zen!   Keep in mind that it is completely possible to combine many of these methods.

The video instruction is purposely deliberate and looks somewhat more difficult to do than it is, simply because our goal was to keep our hands from obstructing the view.   A person who masters the art of bundeZe can most certainly tie any of these configurations in seconds.  Trust us -- it's so easy, Panda could do it!

(side note: Careful consideration was taken to ensure epic background tracks were applied to each movie.  Mute your sound for optimum viewing pleasure!)

Lesson 1:  Bundling

Lesson 3:  Lashing

Lesson 5:  Joining BundeZe!

Lesson 2:  Wrapping

Lesson 4:  Tagging

Lesson 6:  Assembling a BundeZe