Lesson 4: Tagging

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Best to Tag When:

Tagging is a great idea to help you better distinguish items...   Luggage after a flight, a waterbottle at the event, or which string of lights when on the front left of the house!   Tagging is underrated but highly productive, and one of the best use cases for a bundeZe.

The bundeZe pull-tab is sized perfectly for 0.75" diameter stickers that you can print or write labels on.  For instance, you could write "guitar 2" or "lead singer mic 1" on the tab so that you know which cable is which at the mixing board.  

Putting a bundeZe around your key ring using a "strong" tie or even a "fish opener" is a great way to not only identify your keys -- but the pull-tab makes allows for quick and easy retrieval from purses or pockets.  No longer the awkward digging around as it makes it much easier to find!  Having your name on your keys also makes it much easier for the designated driver to help you into your home after a "rough party." 

The uses are limitless...

Strong Tied and Tagging