Spring GLangler Special



Gear up for spring boating and fishing.  Let BundeZe help organize you boat!  Buy 10 pack for $15 and get 1 free medium bundeze.  Buy a 20 pack for $25 and get 2 free medium bundeze!  Just type glangler10 or glangler20  in the promo code (On this page below!)

Bundeze are perfect for Great lakes anglers.   

  • Bundle fishing poles and lures

  • Lash bouncing and spinning dipsy divers and flashers to your pole while underway

  • Neatly wrap up dock lines and anchor line




Type spring10 in the promo code and receive 1 free medium Bundeze

That's 11 Bundeze for $15

*For non domestic orders contact us for shipping rates! 

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Type spring20 in the promo code and receive 2 free medium Bundeze

That's 22 Bundeze for $25

*For non domestic orders contact us for shipping rates! 

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Bundeze are right at home in the boating and fishing world because that's what they were designed for!!

Use them for:

  • Docks Lines
  • Anchor Lines
  • Shore power cords
  • Halyards
  • Sheets
  • Wrap them around boat hooks and then lash them to your boat
  • Gaffs
  • Fishing Pole organization
  • Fishing lure bundling
  • Bundle loose unorganized electrical wire under the helm
  • Ratchet straps and Tie downs

The uses are endless!!

Bundeze are UV resistant and they float!!

Bundeze make a great retail/promotional product for your marina or ships store!

  • Promote your store every time that dock line, ski rope, kayak paddle, fishing pole, or boat utility item gets used with a custom pull tab!!!
  • Bulk quantity pricing allows for a low cost product that is much more useful than that pen or key ring!

Here are just a few more of the many uses for bundeZe!