Home Uses

Using a bundeZe for solving mess-management in your home!   Christmas lights, hairdryers, cords, Kids backpacks & other household items!  

Outdoor Sporting Uses

Using a bundeZe for solving mess-management in your outdoor sporting endeavors makes perfect sense!   Keep a few handy and ready to deploy while camping, fishing, hunting, or whatever it is you are doing.     You'll find uses left and right.   Here are a few:

Worksite / Jobsite Uses

A bundeZe might just be one of the more useful tools in your arsenal when working onsite.   Whether that site is a construction site, network install, or at the office -- it makes no difference.   Keep them handy to prevent accidents, increase efficiency, and leave an impression!

Trucking & Towing Strap, Ratchet Strap, Tiedown Management

Using a bundeZe to keep your load management equipment organized and safe is another great use for bundeZe!   You can keep straps tidy when stowed away, or tails of straps from flapping in the wind.   You can also use a bundeZe to keep the strap from coming unhooked when you are tying things down single handedly.