About the movie:  Some local film artists decided they could help us out with an infomercial of sorts for the bundeZe!   We think they did a splendid job in capturing the fun as well as the sensibility of the product in a memorable fashion.   What do you think?   Let us know on the contact us page!

Easily solve all your organizational challenges! Boating, Camping, Fishing, Hiking -- BundeZe will help "keep it together!"

Not your standard bungee ball!  Where did bundeZe! come from?

BundeZe was born, like every invention, out of necessity.   We needed something that would make it easy for first day sailors to keep things tidy on deck.  We also needed something that could stay on an item, tied up or not, so it was always right where we needed it.   The standard bungee ball wasn't enough!   To be perfect, it had to be strong, buoyant, tolerant of sun, salt, and freezing temperatures, to ensure long and reliable use!  We didn't stop there either!   We made it so you could even be wearing bulky winter gloves and still operate the BundeZe!

BundeZe have found their way off the boat and into many other use scenarios!   We could not be more proud of how innovative people all over the World are using the bundeZe!