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Bandit Multi Tool Wallet with Wrenches (Metric and standard), Phillips and Standard screwdriver and a bottle opener


This is a perfect unique Christmas gift for the man in your life!!

Being gear freaks and engineers we were always looking for that perfect small wallet solution. Rubber bands, money clips, paper clips, front pocket wallets, you name it, we tried it… and they all fell short.

Not just for storing money any longer, the Bundeze Band-it is the last wallet you will ever need. Our innovative snap in bungee cord holds all the important stuff in place while the hard coat anodized multi-tool can help with day to day chores and maintenance (most importantly opening your micro brew bottles).

The bandit is a small, minimalist wallet with a LOT of capacity. It’s easily expandable, rebuild-able, extremely durable, and waterproof, just in case it goes through the wash or joins you for that accidental spill into the lake.

The Bandit multi wallet is the last wallet you will ever need!

Bundeze Cord Ties – Keep it Together!


Easily solve all your organizational challenges! Boating, Camping, Fishing, Hiking — BundeZe will help “keep it together!”

Not your standard bungee ball! Where did bundeZe! come from?

BundeZe was born, like every invention, out of necessity. We needed something that would make it easy for first day sailors to keep things tidy on deck. We also needed something that could stay on an item, tied up or not, so it was always right where we needed it. The standard bungee ball wasn’t enough! To be perfect, it had to be strong, buoyant, tolerant of sun, salt, and freezing temperatures, to ensure long and reliable use! We didn’t stop there either! We made it so you could even be wearing bulky winter gloves and still operate the BundeZe!

BundeZe have found their way off the boat and into many other use scenarios! We could not be more proud of how innovative people all over the World are using the bundeZe!

These innovative little accessories will float, stay attached, and are UV resistant.

Some of our favorite uses?
– Bundle: ropes, cords & lines
– Wrap: fishing poles, paddles, etc…
– Lash: backpacks, luggage & bags

Bundeze Spare Parts Bags


This item is for a bag of spare parts for your Bundeze cord ties! Each bag contains 12 pieces so you can build your own custom Bundeze, but warning – you will need your own shock cord!

Stainless Fish Keychain / Bottle Opener


Fish shaped keychain with bottle opener. Made of stainless steel and includes keyring!